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Wright Brothers Glassworks

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  • Phoenix, AZ 85027
  • 623-780-4000

    Glass and Mirror Edgework

    Give Your Glass and Mirrors the Look You Want

    Wright Brothers Glassworks offers a wide variety of edge treatments to give your glass and mirrors the aesthetics you want.

    90% of the work we do is completed in-house, and we provide fast and efficient services. Some services can be completed on the same day — contact us for more information today!

    All Types of Edgework and Finishes Available for Your Custom Mirrors and Glass

    • Straight chip
    • Angle chip
    • Small chip
    • Ribbon chip
    • Low iron angle chip
    • Low iron straight chip
    • 1″angle chip frosted & 1″glass gibbon chip – clear
    • Straight chip sandblasted
    • Ribbon chip sandblasted
    • Angle chip sandblasted
    • Sandblasted rock edge
    • Sandblasted layered rock
    • Sandblasted layered angle chip – frosted
    • Sandblasted layered angle chip – clear
    • Matte glass
    • 1/4″ pink rosa mirror angle chip
    • 1/4″ clear mirror angle chip
    • 1/4″ gray mirror angle chip
    • 1/4″ sandblasted layered angle chip frosted mirror
    • 1/4″ sandblasted layered angle chip clear mirror
    • 1/4″ clear mirror with 1” bevel
    • Pencil polish
    • Waterfall
    • Ogee edge – rounded
    • Half bull nose
    • Glass flat polish
    • 1″ bevel
    • Triple bevel
    • 1″ flat polish
    • Miter
    • 3/4” cracked glass mirror
    • 3/4” cracked glass

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