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Wright Brothers Glassworks

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  • Phoenix, AZ 85027
  • 623-780-4000

    Custom Textured Glass

    Stylish Glass Options

    Wright Brothers Glassworks features a variety of textured glass in stock. We also offer a wide selection of different mirrors. Our prices are competitive, and delivery is available for wholesale orders. Some services can be completed on the same day. Contact us today! Se habla EspaƱol!

    Many Different Glass Textures Available

    Glass TypeThicknessSheet Size
    Aquatex3/16″72″ X 84″
    Clear Laminated1/4″48″ X 96″
    Cross Reed5/32″72″ X 96″
    Delta Frost5/32″63″ X 84″
    Flame5/32″72″ X 84″
    Glue Chip1/8″60″ X 84″
    Glacier5/32″65″ X 84″
    GNA1/8″39″ X 57″
    GNA*1/4″61″ X 83″
    Grain3/16″72″ X 96″
    Matte1/8″72″ X 96″
    Rain3/16″72″ X 96″
    Reed5/32″72″ X 96″
    Restoration5/32″64″ X 59 1/2″
    Seedy1/8″36″ X 72″
    Seedy1/8″”48″ X 72″
    Tight Reed5/32″65″ X 85″
    Water Glass5/32″39″ X 64″
    White Laminated1/4″48″ X 96″
    White Laminated1/4″60″ X 96″
    Wire Glass1/4″78″ X 100″
    Wissmach Seedy1/8″32″ X 84″

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    Please use the following form to send us a message. We can also be reached by phone at 623-780-4000. We look forward to hearing from you.

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