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Wright Brothers Glassworks

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    Antique Mirrors

    Experience the Charm

    Rediscover the allure of yesteryears with Wright Brothers Glassworks’ exceptional range of antique mirrors. Each piece echoes a story of timeless beauty, meticulously designed to bring vintage elegance into your modern spaces. Our antique mirrors are custom cut to order, featuring a variety of sizes and finishes to choose from. Enhance your interior decor with a touch of history and sophistication.

    Stock Antique Mirrors

    Mirror TypeThicknessSheet Size
    Billows1/4″84 x 130
    Billows1/8″48 x 84
    Granite Oxide1/4″84 x 130
    Brown Water1/4″130 x 72
    Brown Water1/8″130 x 72
    Silver Speckles1/4″60 x 96
    Antique Cloud1/4″72 x 130
    Dust Speckles1/4″60 x 96
    Dust Speckles1/8″60 x 96
    Summer Cloud1/4″48 x 96
    Hollywood1/4″48 x 96
    Dark Cloud1/4″48 x 96
    Silver Patina1/4″48 x 96
    Gold Vein1/4″60 x 100
    Silver Vein1/4″60 x 100
    Granite Oxide Gold Vein1/4″60 x 100
    Woodford1/4″48 x 100
    Smoky Quartz1/4″48 x 100
    Italiano Classico1/4″48 x 100

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